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S hanghai Yicheng Auto-inspection Device Science & Technology Co., LTD is established in Aug., 2001. It is Shanghai High-tech enterprise, shanghai software enterprise, the member of China Auto Maintenance Equipment Trade Association, administrative director of Shanghai business association hardware chamber and the member of Shanghai Auto Maintenance Equipment Trade Association.

Business scope of company: the production and development of Auto-inspection equipment, the development of hardware and software, the manufacture of advanced mechanical and electric products.There are more than 300 staffs, people from academy occupy 85%. The factory is located in Jiading industry zone, occupying an area of 36, 000 sq.m including a building area of 32,000 sq.m. It is the biggest manufacture of four wheel aligner in Asia.From May, 2004 to now, the four wheel aligner has been assigned to be the appointment supplier by TOYOTA, HONDA, NISSAN,CHERY, TRIANGLE TYRE and HANKOOK TYRE.

As the first manufactory who obtains the key technology, independent intellectual property right in homeland. People of YECEN always believe that the tenet of enterprise is technology ahead, quality is essential. During the past 9 years in the field of independent innovation, YECEN Co. keep ahead in the industry. YECEN Co. is specialize in the production and development of four wheel aligner. Now the model of products have 4 series,30 kinds for customers to choose. It becomes the manufactory who manufacture most model of products. In the field of product technological innovation, possess of Bluetooth, CCD, Navigation Menu, Magnetism Suspension, Dynamic Measurement, 100M processor Mainboard, Three Dimension Cartoon technology, etc.

The four wheel aligner of YECEN, with its quality,technology,after-sale service and professional product concept, has been believed and recognized by users all over the country. And a total of more than 80 people have been organized a first-class team for after-sale service and internet-sale among seven field, namely,more than 30 provinces and cities in homeland.

YECEN Co. is also aimed at overseas market, every year they invite many foreign clients to visit the factory and cooperate with them. Now YECEN has establish a good business relations with Russia, Poland, Czech slovak, Romania, India, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Spain ect.. In the near future, YECEN would take the international market gradually.

The company devote into the Auto Maintenance industry, improve the level of Auto Maintenance, keep an idea of becoming stronger, innovation and hand in hand with colleague, make a contribution for the development of industry.

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