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ATL-YZ4-50 Four post lift for alignment
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1. New high quality 4-post lift , gathering with the advantages form the lift manufactured by overseas or domestic.
2. Polished design, two-layer hided structure whose capacity is excellent, and 1mm horizontal accuracy.
3. It implements new safe lifting technology of the world as one, included hydraulic control, electrical control and mechanical control.
4. Adjustable position for the turntable of front wheel, and lengthened sliding plate for rear wheel which could satisfy the auto with long or short axle.
5. Open or lock four safety device at one time through one-hand operation.
6. It implements safety device  for steel-rope breaking and controlling switch for height limiting to make operator absolutely safe.
7. It is equipped with a secondary lifting jack, electrical & hydraulic control system. And its lifting capacity is 3T.
8. There is 3.5T & 5T lifting capacities for choices.
9. It has passed CE Test.

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